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Exhibiting - Off the Kerb Gallery -  July 07-22 2022 

The artworks in The Ghost Who Walks tell a story without a source and no natural narrative.


Quiet and serene, the works are not concerned with what might happen but rather the events that may have occurred.


This theme contained in the series has roots in a childhood memory. A morning ritual, three panels of a story, never told in full and out of context or in consecutive order.

Every weekend Dad would read the paper, and at breakfast, I would join him and flip to the comic section to catch a glimpse of what The Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks, was up to this week.


The editor seemingly chose the weekly strip at random, and therefore, the story never resolved or made any chronological sense. Instead, all one had was a brief glimpse into the life of this lone stranger.


This oddity contained in newsprint, a closely held and cherished memory, shaped a propensity to seek out strange cinematic moments and find comfort in being alone but not alone.


Composed over fourteen drawings, the series explores themes of loneliness, storytelling and liminality.

Shadowy figures drift through a seemingly abandoned world, through familiar locations, highways, behind empty stores, and out in fields.


Without an existing pretext, the experience is one of chancing upon a scene that’s played out—leaving a trace of something for those who came in late.


The exhibition will be on view from Thursday, July 7th, to Sunday, July 22nd. 

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